Universities whose diplomas give people the best prospect for employment

No Greek universities were included in the list

A list containing 150 universities worldwide, which offer the best professional prospects to their graduates, has been released.

The top ten is:

1. Cambridge (GB)
2. Harvard (USA)
3. Yale (USA)
4. Oxford (GB)
5. California Institute of Technology (USA)
6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)
7. Stanford (USA)
8. TU Munich (Germany)
9. Princeton (USA)
10. Tokyo (Japan)

The lion’s share in the list might belong to the US and Britain, but the presence of the University of Science and Technology of Hong Kong is worth mentioning. The list also includes institutions from Oslo, Auckland and the Institute of Technology in New Delhi.

It’s also worth noting that there are no Greek universities in the list as they do not seem to meet vocational prospects required to enter it.