US Ambassador to Albania Lu lambasts country’s justice system

Statements cause uproar in country

Disparaging statements made by US Ambassador to Albania Donald Lu about its Justice system have caused an uproar in the neighbouring country. During a speech on occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Judges’ School. According to reports in the Albanian media, Mr. Lu openly accused courts and the overall operation of the Justice system, claiming it frequently let criminals and drug traffickers walk free without protecting citizens. He specifically made reference to Judge Fildez Hafizi’s case, stressing that the Justice system left her unprotected.
Referring to State Department reports, Mr. Lu pointed out that Albania was a centre of organised crime, drug trafficking, arms and prostitution while highlighting the action of four dangerous mafia gangs operating in Albania through 20 well-known crime families. According to Mr. Lu, the families were involved in human trafficking, extortion, car theft and money laundering.