US election: “We’ll go to the Supreme Court to stop the counting” Trump announced

Biden: We are on track to win

The vote counting in the US elections takes place in an polarized atmosphere.

The two candidates for the position of the President of the US, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, send messages of patience for the final result.

It is noteworthy that when Biden addressed his voters in Delaware and stressed that the last vote should be counted in order to be declared the winner, Donald Trump in a post on Twitter claimed that “they are trying to steal the victory” while an hour later, in statements from the White House, he announced that “we will go to the Supreme Court and ask for the counting to stop. We do not want them to put new votes at 4 in the morning”.

The map for the time being shows the lead in the voters for the Democratic candidate, although in the last hours the US president is reducing the difference.

However, both Biden and Trump have argued that they are winning.

Trump: This is fraud

The polarization was confirmed by US President Donald Trump, who in his first statements from the White House spoke of “fraud” and announced that the Republicans would appeal to the Supreme Court.

“I thank the American people for their support. A portion of miserable people were trying to snatch the right to vote, we will not tolerate that”, Trump said.

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Biden: We are on track to win

Democrat candidate Joe Biden was the first to send the message of victory in the US elections.

“I’m here to tell you we’re on track to win”, Biden told in a rally in Delaware.

We knew this would turn out that way. We may have to go until tonight or tomorrow morning”, Biden said of the process of announcing the final results.

He stressed that the country will have to wait until even the last vote is counted in order to announce the winner of the elections.