US House approves $5.7bn for Trump’s border wall

President Trump had rejected a budget without it

The US House of Representatives has approved $5.7bn in funding for a border wall after President Trump rejected a budget without it. The Senate is unlikely to pass the new bill, raising fears of a partial government shutdown.
Trump had stated earlier on Thursday that he would refuse to sign any version of the bill without funding for a wall, sending a compromise bill that would have kept the government open through February back to the drawing board.

The House voted 217-185 to pass the new version of the bill, mostly split between Republicans and Democrats, who have rejected funding the wall. Without a successful agreement, funding for many government departments will expire at midnight on Friday.

This is the last chance for the Republican-led House to flex its muscles, as January will see a new Democratic majority seated, and the Republicans’ Freedom Caucus has promised to back Trump in his push for the wall.

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