US Islamic council decries stickers reading “Infidels” and “Pork Eating Crusader”

Council on American-Islamic Relations demanded a gun store stop selling stickers

The Greater Los Angeles Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Saturday demanded that a gun store in Santa Ana cease selling what the organization considers Islamophobic window decals and bumper stickers.
The organization claims Ammo Bros sells stickers that read “Infidels” and “Pork Eating Crusader.”
The council’s attorney, Justin Wold, sent a letter to the company on Jan. 16 saying the stickers “have the purpose of targeting Islam and expressing disdain and intolerance towards the religion. The context that these are displayed in a gun store is particularly problematic since the stickers serve to incite anti-Muslim sentiment and promote violence against Muslims.”
The attorney said the store may be in violation of state and federal laws prohibiting hate crimes and threats.