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Vassilis Spanoulis is King in Euroleague funny promo video (video)

Pana player Singleton also in video

The start of the top European club basketball competition, the Euroleague is just around the corner, with the premiere scheduled for next week. The organisers released a witty pr0motional music video nam3ed “Game on” to get all the fans in the mood, featuring, among other players Olympiakos captain Vassilis Spanoulis and Panathinaikos forward Chris Singleton. Olympiakos play-maker Spanoulis is sitting in his throne as “King” of the heap before wielding a sword and taking on a character from the movie “Kill Bill” calling anyone who dares to challenge him for his crown. “Here is your King, now kneel and bow….”, Spanoulis tells his “subjects” and “usurpers”. Pana player Singleton sings “No one can beat me” and forcefully dunks in a toy basketball before reaslising in embarrassment he is at a party…