Venizelos opens leadership issue at PASOK

Party conference in May without the members that joined Papandreou’s Movement – “Major defeat for PASOK and me personally,” admitted the leader of the party

The PASOK party leader on Thursday said a party congress will be held in May, leaving open the possibility of a change in leadership.

During remarks at a political council, Evangelos Venizelos first aimed his sharp criticism at the new leftist government, referring to a “monstrosity”.

On the issue of presidency, he said “there will be part of old fashioned political games …our attitude is a responsible one”.

Furthermore, he ruled out the participation of cadres that fled PASOK for a new party formed earlier this month by one-time PASOK leader and ex-PM George Papandreou.

On a last note, he admitted that election results were a “major defeat for PASOK and myself personally.”