“Victims of the Attica Wildfires” crowd funding to help fire victims

NBG donated 1 million Euros

The devastating wildfires that swept through the forest and residential areas of Eastern and Western Attica on 23 July 2018 have taken a terrible toll on human life, besides causing immense damage to properties and the local landscape. As people try to pick up their lives, there is an urgent need to channel essential goods and supplies to the areas affected, and to restore infrastructures and the local environment.

Act4Greece is taking immediate steps to play an active role in helping our fellow citizens to recover from the impact of this immeasurable disaster by supporting the “Victims of the Attica Wildfires” action, from 26/07/2018 to 26/07/2019, with a view to collecting €1,500,000 for the restoration of infrastructures in Mati, Rafina, Kineta and other areas affected.

Accordingly, National Bank of Greece, as the implementing agency of the action, is contributing €1,000,000.

Let’s join forces together to help bring back hope for those people who have seen their property lost and the labors of a lifetime wiped out before the destructive fury of the wildfires.

Donations can also be made by making a direct deposit at any NBG branch or a money transfer through NBG’s internet, phone and mobile banking to Account no. 080/006855-14 (ΙΒΑΝ: GR6501100800000008000685514 / BIC: ETHNGRAA).

Visit act4greece.gr for more details