Video of Danish school children chanting Allahu Akbar causes uproar (video)

The students are taught how to perform a Muslim prayer

A video of Danish children being trained how to perform a Muslim prayer has gone viral in Denmark, triggering strong reactions from politicians and ordinary Danes.

In the video, a boy of African descent dressed in Muslim clothes demonstrates the Islamic prayer to a group of predominantly ethnically Danish peers. Then, he is interrupted by the teacher who instructs the kids to say “Allahu Akbar”, whereupon the entire class kneels in prayer.

While the video was not dated, Danish TV2 later found out that the prayer took place at Thyregod School in Velje municipality in southern Jutland in November 2018.

On, the website that discovered the video, and on social media, the reactions were devastating, with many calling for the teacher and the entire school leadership to resign.

“The teacher should be fired with a kick in the ass”, one reader suggested. “And if it doesn’t happen, close down the school”, another chimed in.

Many labelled Thyregod School a “Quran school” and suggested it was “indoctrinating” Danish schoolchildren.

The Danish People’s Party’s Martin Henriksen, who has recently been appointed the head of the party’s new committee to bolster its national conservative profile, sent a written request to the school, asking for an explanation why the children should be taught the religious ways of Islam. Henriksen is very dissatisfied with the answer he has received from headmaster Gert Hougaard.