Video of Greek diplomat’s murderers outside his house (video-photo)

Two men enter house for 3 hours

Brazilian newspaper “Jornal National” has released footage of a CCTV camera outside the residence of Greek Ambassador Kyriakos Amairidis, who was murdered on Monday by the Brazilian lover of his 40-year-old wife Françoise Amiridis. The video shows 29-year-old Brazilian police officer Sergio Gomes Moreira Filho, who has confessed to killing the Greek diplomat and is now in custody, waiting outside Amidirdis’s holiday house on Monday with his cousin and accomplice Eduardo Moreira de Melo before committing the crime.

The two men can be seen entering the house and Sergio exiting after 3 hours on foot, before returning in a car. According to Brazilian authorities, the two men move the body of Amiridis at 3.20 in the morning.

Sergio Gomes Moreira Filho



The murder is said to have been carried out by police officer Sergio Moreira, who had an affair with Françoise, with some assistance from his cousin, Eduardo Moreira de Melo who was promised a reward worth $25,000. “This was a tragic, cowardly act, but we worked tirelessly to crack this case as soon as possible. It was a crime of passion,” Magalhaes said, as quoted by Reuters.

Investigators found blood on a couch in the Greek envoy’s home in Nova Iguaçu, where he is said to have been stabbed. The policeman’s cousin then helped carry out the body, which they placed in the envoy’s car. They subsequently set the car on fire in a troubled Rio neighborhood with the body inside it. The exact cause of death has not been yet established.