Video of the moment narcotics squad raids a club in Athens surfaces (video)

Ten arrests were made during the raid

A video showing the moment officers of the Narcotic squad raiding a club in Gazi, Athens in a “Hollywood-movie” style operation was aired on the main news bulletin of Star channel.

The short clip records the moment the officers invades the club and start telling the patrons to raise their hands above their heads and undergo the frisking procedure.

“Everybody down” an officers can be heard repeatedly shouting in the video, while an eyewitness told a station reporter that those in the area – mostly young people – were confused as they did not know if it was a terrorist attack or search was in progress.

As reported yesterday, the raid by police was carried out on the morning of November 10th. During the inspection, quantities of banned substances were identified and 10 arrests were made.

Police conducted the operation after a tip that cocaine and other illegal substances were on the premises.