Video shows Turkish speedboat chasing immigrant boat headed to Greece

One of the immigrants is heard asking if he should call his man in Greece

A video uploaded on social media recorded on the mobile phone of by one of the refugee/migrant passengers on a boat in the Aegean Sea shows a Turkish coast guard boat chasing the inflatable vessel.

The video posted on Tik Tok,shows the boat at the beginning of the route, starting from the Turkish coast and the crew of the Turkish Coast Guard, uncertain of where it is headed and in fear it might end up somewhere on the Turkish coast are pursuing it.

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As can be seen, the Turkish coast guard boat speeds up to catch up with the dinghy. One of the immigrants is heard saying, “Should I call my man to Greece?” and another replies, “Not yet, wait.”

After a few seconds the Turkish crew throw a life buoy with a rope at the migrants in order to reach the boat. At that moment, the pilot of the dingy appears to be slowing down, but suddenly increases its speed in order to surprise the Turks and to continue the course of the boat to Greece.