Visiting the Athens Acropolis a totally new experience (videos)

The project is expected to be delivered on December 3, 2020

“Improving the visiting conditions of the monuments at the Acropolis is a priority for the Ministry of Culture and Sports. With the upgrading works of the services provided in the Acropolis, the Holy Rock becomes – for the first time – completely accessible not only to the disabled but also to citizens with mobility or other health problems,” Greece’s Culture Ministry said in a statement, according to ANA,

“The project is expected to be delivered on December 3, 2020, together with the new, safe state-of-the-art slope lift, making the experience of visiting the Acropolis totally different,” it added.

The ministry has also attached two interesting links, regarding the paths at the Acropolis 1978 – 2020 and the ongoing work of the paths on the rock of the Acropolis.

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Source: Tornos

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