Watch Greek students protest with flag at British Museum over Parthenon marbles (video)

The high school students sang a sad song in their novel protest

Greek students from a high school in Crete used a poignant way to voice their protest against the British Museum’s refusal to return the Parthenon sculptures of the Caryatides to Greece during a field trip to the Museum in London.

As reports, the students posted a video online showing them squatting around the statue of the Caryatid in the British Museum holding a Greek flag at its base, and then started singing an emotional folk Greek song called “Tzivaeri”.

According to the report, the children held a project called “Your Thoughts on Greece … for tourists in London”, where they asked questions to Museum visitors, including “if they were for the to return of the Parthenon marbles back to Greece”. Many of the visitors were positive to the idea.

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