Same-sex partnership bill approved in Greek Parliament by 194 MPs

Greece is no longer one of the few EU countries that don’t recognize LGBT civil unions, something that the European Court of Human Rights ruled was in violation of human rights

The same-sex partnership bill was approved by Greek Parliament early on Wednesday at the end of Tuesday’s debate. The new legislation was approved by the Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) but failed to gain the support of its junior coalition partner, right-wing Independent Greeks (ANEL).

The bill was passed with the approval of SYRIZA, socialist PASOK, centrist Potami (River) and the Union of Centrists. The bill in principle received 194 votes in favor, 55 against, whereas 51 deputies were absent from the voting.

The conservative main opposition New Democracy party broke out into three strands with 29 deputies voting against it, 27 abstaining and 19 approving the bill. Five ANEL deputies voted against the bill, 3 in favor and ANEL leader Panos Kammenos was absent from the voting.

The new law promotes LGBT rights as it offers same-sex couples the same legal partnership union as heterosexuals.