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PM Alexis Tsipras says EuroGroup results were a great success in parliament

Greece achieved something great, he said

Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras dubbed the outcome of the February 20 EuroGroup meeting an exceptional success during his briefing of the Greek parliament on the course of negotiations with the country’s creditors. Negotiations. Mrs. Tsipras said what Greece achieved at the EuroGroup was out of the norm, as “we were used to only taking and not giving. The other day something different happened which is an extra-ordinary success for our negotiating team.” Mr. Tsipras thanked the leader of the Union Centrists, Vasilis Leventis for bring up the question in parliament. Mr. Tsipras claimed the deal struck at the EuroGroup meeting on February 20 did not burden the Greek public at all, while he blasetd his poltical opponents for predicting the automatic fiscal contingency mechanism (known as the cutter) would be implemented. “A decisive step towards closing the second review was made”, he said, adding that the Greek government would not accept one sinlge euro of additional austerity measures.