Watch the moment Turkish survey vessel Oruc Reis sails for Kastelorizo (video)

Turkey is escalating its actions against Greece following the Greek-Turkish EEZ demarcation

Turkish media outlet “Yeni Safak” posted a video on its site from the moment the survey vessel “Oruc Reis” set sail from the Turkish port to the Mediterranean.

As the piece points out, the ship set course for the area around Kastelorizo “after the so-called agreement signed by Greece and Egypt”.

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“The giant ship will conduct surveys in the area between August 10 and 23,” Yeni Safak added.

Ankara today issued a new Navtex with announcing seismic surveys between Rhodes and Kastelorizo on the 30th meridian for the period from today until August 23rd.

The Greek Armed Forces and political leadership are on high alert after the developments, with the PM chairing an extra-ordinary Government Council for Foreign Affairs and Defence (KYSEA) meeting to coordinate its next moves in the face of Turkey’s escalating aggression.