“We chopped your hand off with Cyprus”: Turkish President Erdogan tells international critics!

Turkish politician unhinged, once more

Turkish President Tayyip Recep Erdogan continued to adopt provocative rhetoric towards anyone he perceives to be a threat to the future of Turkey and his reign. In his latest public speech, Mr. Erdgan used inflammatory words while addressing his parliamentary group of the Justice and Development Party (AKP). The Turkish politician used a saying attributed to Pasha Mehmet in 1573 to respond to all the international criticisms Turkey is facing on the issue of Cyprus. on the global Pasa ting from
“There is an expression that Pasha Mehmet wrote to the ambassador of Venice: We, with the conquest of Cyprus, have severed your hand, while you, in the war of 1571, just shaved our beard” He added: ” the hand that is cut off does to grow bad again, but the beard grows back stronger”.
“We will not stop, we will overcome it all. The blood of a hero does not compare to the blood of a thousand terrorists. They know it”, the Turkish president said.