Wedding pic appears to show bride performing “felatio” goes viral! (photo)

It was a joke

At first glance, this wedding photo of a newly-married couple seems to show the pair lacking both patience and fear of discovery.
The couple are dressed in their wedding regalia and have seemingly run off from their party to hide in a forest clearing.
The groom stands with his blue suit-trousers around his ankles, with his bride on her knees in front of him.
The image of the Dutch couple was posted online by the photographer, and was soon shared by thousands.
The caption at the picture read: ‘Some newlyweds cannot wait for the party to be over so they can quietly retreat to their suite for a smashing wedding night.
‘Luckily they already exchanged their wedding vows and they were officially married.’

However, the scene was completely innocent, and was posed by the newlyweds as a joke.
In fact, the staged photograph was suggested to the couple by one of their mothers, photographer Michel Klooster said.
Klooster said: ‘I don’t want private parts visible on the picture, but everything that creates the impression is interesting.’