Weight loss adverts on celebrity Instagram accounts banned

These sponsored posts often feature “before and after” style pictures

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has banned adverts for weight loss products posted on Instagram by a trio of celebrities: television personality Katie Price, reality star Lauren Goodger and former ‘Love Island’ contestant Georgia Harrison.

Weight loss posts, which promote certain slimming products such as teas or supplements, have become commonplace on celebrity and influencer led Instagram accounts in recent years. These sponsored posts often feature “before and after” style pictures.

The ban centers around adverts for two weight loss brands. The first is BoomBod, which is branded as a “weight loss shot drink”. The “10-calorie shots” are said to prevent people from overeating.

The second is V24 Gummies – a “gummy” style supplement said to stop food cravings.


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AD | A nice holiday with the kids was just what I needed to recharge. Although I love getting away, one thing I really miss when I leave my routine behind are my @nutribuddyuk Breakfast shakes. It sounds crazy but they make my mornings so much easier as they take only a few seconds to rustle up. They’re full of nutritional goodness and my body really misses them when they’re not there! These shakes are made up of all natural, gluten-free ingredients and are free from any nasty chemicals. The main ingredients oats, flaxseeds and chia seeds have sooo many health benefits 💕 and most importantly, they actually keep me full till lunchtime. Don’t forget you can save 10% today SEPTKATIE10 #nutribuddy #breakfastshake #glutenfree

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The banned Instagram posts

Price, 41, shared a before-and-after post back in April praising BoomBod.

It read: “Getting loads of questions about the @boombod program and how I like it, and it’s no secret. I can’t get enough of it! Quick & Easy weight loss is great, but doing it in a healthy way is key. These shots have a bunch of vitamins, use a clinically proved natural fibre, contain zero laxatives and most importantly… they give results every time!”

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