Welcome to life on Ios, the party isle! (see video)

See fun video that captures the spirit of the isle this July

Ios, known as the party isle, is featured in a video titled “Welcome to ‘Life on Ios'” by Peter Parkorr. The #LifeOnIos video is part of the The LuxurIOS Storytelling Project launched at the beginning of July.

The project includes a Travel Massive Island Unconference being held on the island from July 18-26.

The Unconference will focus on three key themes:

1. Video and creative content
Hailed as the future of content, how can emerging video platforms document and share the visitor experience? Calling presenters, filmmakers, YouTubers and aspiring actors. Let’s create something inspiring.

2. Sustainability
We make an impact everywhere we go. What sustainability practices can we learn from an island with two thousand inhabitants and how can we improve the communities we visit? Calling responsible tourism experts, advocates, leaders and innovators.

3. Local tours
How can “living like a local” provide a more valuable and authentic experience of a destination and change its perception to a visitor? Calling tour operators, tour startups, and local guides.


This event is part of a project by www.luxurios.com and there rebranding strategy. As a result of the event, we expect to get both creative content and great ideas on the destination marketing and branding. However, the outcome of this collaborative experiment is up to YOU. We count on your ideas and inputs! On the last day of the Unconference we will host a wrap-up report from each workshop, and a content and video screening evening.

Draft itinerary
July 18 – 21 – Arrival and welcome to Island / Island Explorations
July 21, Tuesday – Unconference Day 0, Opening session.
July 22, Wednesday – Unconference Day 1, Collaboration sessions.
July 23, Thursday – Unconference Day: 2: Project work
July 24, Friday – Unconference Day: 3 Presentations, travel film screening
July 25, Saturday – Closing party with international DJs

– The Unconference is FREE to attend, but you’ll need to cover all the other costs including transport and accommodation.
– Travel Massive is negotiating deals with sponsors, so we might have access to some discounted accommodation and we are in contact with other transport partners.
– The Island hosts a great party at the 25th of July with international DJs including David Morales. The public entrance cost 50EUR but all Travel Massive members can enter for free.
*Travel Massive is not making money out of this event.

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