Western civilisation is worse than Islamist terrorists claims leftist SYRIZA MP

His tweet causes a firestorm on the social media platform

A comment by leftist SYRIZA MP Giorgos Kyritsis claiming that the West was responsible for more atrocities against children than Islamist extremists caused a twitter storm.

The leftist politician responded to a tweet by a user who commented on a video uploaded by Al Jazeera network on the number of children detained by Israeli authorities in the West Bank.

The commenter condoned Israel tweeting “As well they should. The Islamists do not value the children as Western culture does. They look at them as expendable and send them to actions well aware of their punishment. They do not care”.

The Leftist politician responded:
“Western civilisation sent millions of children to gas chambers, and Western societies vote for the political descendants of those who did it. For Islamists, there is no comparable thing recorded”. The Al Jazeera report claimed 500-700 Palestinian children were dragged before Israeli courts each year charged with various offenses

The MP’s tweet caused a strong reaction by many users who strongly scolded his views.

“Kyritsis is right”, one user wrote mockingly and continued, “Everyone knows that Islamists make good use of their human resources,” posting a photo of jihadists before executing a kid they had kidnapped.
“Everyone is berating your ignorance and your racism. So, what you got from Western civilisation is gas chambers (not part of the civilisation) and you see the Islamic terrorists as heroes? You deserve modern ISLAM”, commented another.
“Really; Isn’t there something similar recorded for Islamists? Spitting on Armenians, Assyrians and Pontians who suffered Genocide”, another Twitter user hit back.

Others blasted him calling him a fossilized, Stalinist saprophyte.

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