What Greeks ‘hate’ about tourists (funny video)

And what do tourists think of Greeks

The tourism industry is arguably the steam engine of the Greek economy. It would be no exaggeration if we said that it quite possibly managed to keep the country afloat during the long economic crisis that befell it from 2010 onwards.

No doubt there have been many studies and reports of the perception foreign visitors have on Greeks while spending their holidays in our country, and vice versa, how Greeks view the tourists.

Sometimes, however, it is very interesting, and funny, to get the views of random tourists about how they see Greeks, and the other way round, in a more direct and impromptu way.

This is exactly what Konilio, a huge Greek YouTuber set out to do in downtown Athens. The video is funny, but it can also be a little instructive if we pay attention to what is being said. Here are the responses he got from both Greeks and foreigners.