Where TikTok Has Been Downloaded the Most (infographic)

India is by far the country that has downloaded it the most

TikTok, formally Musical.ly, is a popular video sharing app that was bought by Chinese company ByteDance in 2017. The Chinese ownership of the app is now in hot water with the Indian government since TikTok ended up on a list of dozens of Chinese apps that were banned in the country citing threats to national security.

This hits TikTok in a critical market: App analytics firm Priori Data shows that TikTok has been downloaded almost 100 million times in India in 2020 so far – the most out of 55 countries available on the Priori Data platform.

ByteDance also made headlines in November of last year for being the subject of a national security review in the United States. The investigation is said to center primarily around suspected censorship and the collection of user data.

source statista

Infographic: Where TikTok Has Been Downloaded the Most | Statista

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