Why do Greeks dye eggs red on Maundy Thursday?

The red color symbolizes the blood of Jesus and the egg symbolizes the tomb of Jesus, which was broke in pieces like a shell and Jesus resurrected

One of the most popular traditions of Easter is red eggs and the dyeing should be done on Maundy Thursday.

Although, many people choose nowadays to dye eggs with different colors and use various styles, the truth is that if we want to follow tradition, we must use red color as it symbolizes the blood of Jesus. The egg symbolizes the tomb in which Jesus was hiding and broke in pieces when Jesus resurrected.

However, there are different theories about the choice of red color. One of them says that when Jesus was arrested, his mother, Virgin Mary, offered a basket of eggs to the guards and her tears dyed the eggs red.

Regarding the clinking of eggs, it is said to have started in England as a game.

According to tradition, the first egg being dyed in each home is for Virgin Mary and should be kept in an icon corner (a small worship space prepared in homes) until next Easter. Then, this egg is planted in the fields on next year’s Maundy Thursday. This way it is said that the fields will become fertile.

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