Wife shocked when she finds husband frozen to death in garage next to lover! (photos)

Incident occurred in Russia

A Russian woman went looking for her husband after he failed to come home for his evening meal.
Natalya Nalyotova, 38, knew he had been spending time repairing his car in the family’s lock-up garage in Tutaevo, and checked if he was there.
But she faced a double horror.
She found truck driver Denis Nalyotov’s body in the car after he had been killed by exhaust fumes.
But next to him she also discovered the corpse of a semi-naked woman – who it transpires was his lover Alyona Ivanova, 30, a married mother of two.
It emerged that the pair had used the garage for secret trysts unknown to his wife, who works at a dental clinic in the town in Yaroslavl region.

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Denis Nalyotov-dead husband 



Alyona Ivanova-dead lover