Woman gets Epiphany cross from men in funny video! (hilarious video)

Where is male privilege?

For those who keep insisting male privilege is a real thing, just ask these poor guys waiting in freezing water in Greece to swim against each other to grab a cross for a religious ceremony, when a woman just walks in the shallow sea and as easy as you like gets the prize to the amazement of the onlookers. Blessing the waters is one of the religious ceremonies celebrated in Greece on the day of Epiphany. The custom involves the Parish priest throwing a cross in a nearby body of water, which could be a lake, a river or the sea. Young men dive into the freezing water and compete to catch the cross which brings the winner good luck for the new year. But it seems the rules only apply to men, as this woman in the port town of Dilesi, in east-central Greece showed. In the video, the faithful can be seen waiting for the moment the priest will throw the cross into the waters, while three men in their swimsuits are patiently preparing to sprint towards the cross. But they had not counted on the female that appears out of nowhere and runs into the shallow water, picks up the cross and puts in in her handbag! The crowd can be heard sighing in surprise.



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