Woman kidnapped by stepfather and kept in captivity for 19 years speaks out (video)

She had nine children with him

A woman who was kidnapped by her stepfather when she was 11 and taken to Mexico where he fathered nine children with her before she was able to escape has told of the moment a pair of strangers spotted them in the grocery store and offered her a way out because they knew ‘something’ wasn’t right.

Henri Piette was arrested in Mexico in September 2017, a year after his stepdaughter-turned-wife Rosalynn McGinnis escaped and contacted police. In 1997, he abducted her from her school in Oklahoma in retaliation against her mother, who he was in a relationship with at the time.

He took her to Mexico where McGinnis said he forced her to ‘marry’ him. The pair had nine children and lived together in a filthy tent, undetected by US authorities for years.

In 2016, McGinnis – with the help of a mystery couple – fled with eight of the nine kids and sought help from a US embassy.

Piette was convicted of kidnapping earlier this year but he is still waiting for a determination on rape charges. He denies wrongdoing.

In a new interview on The Dr Oz. Show which will air on Tuesday, November 19th, McGinnis recalled the moment she was saved.

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