Women are subject to offensive comments every 30 seconds on Twitter, Amnesty International report claims

The social media platform is a place full of sexism and racism, the body believes

A female twitter user faces some sort of harassment every 30 seconds, an Amnesty International study revealed for 2017.
The survey revealed that female journalists and politicians, who were in the spotlight, bore the brunt of the offensive comments.
The data showed that women who expressed their opinions on the social media platform were more likely to be targeted by malicious comments.

The report was conducted by Amnesty International and the global software company AI Element I for last year and attempted to record the abusive behaviour on the platform.

The study is the largest that has been carried out about how women become the target of Twitter users. According to the results, about 1.1 million comments of “bad taste” were tweeted to US Congresswomen, British deputies, and journalists who had posted articles on various political sites.

The research, which examined 300,000 tweets, also showed that black women were 84% more likely to be trolled than white women.