World Cup Final: France-Croatia 4-2 (FINAL) (Upd.)

France wins World Cup 2018!

France wins World Cup 2018 after beating Croatia 4-2! And they really deserved it!

UPDATE: WHAT? Croatia scores after an unbelievable goal from the French goalkeeper!

UPDATE: 4-1 for France. Although we have seen everything in football, it seem almost certain that France will be the big winner!

UPDATE: France seems to want this World Cup more than Croatia! Pogba scores for the French for the 3-1!

UPDATE: Four people stormed the pitch. The game has stopped temporarily.

UPDATE: GOAL for France again! France-Croatia 2-1.
Half Time.

UPDATE: The French enjoyed their goal less than 10 minutes, as Croatia equalized at 28′! What a game!

UPDATE: GOAL for France at 19′! Mandzukic scores own goal!…


Two teams few believed on June 14, when the event began, that they would end up on the final, are making history.

Exactly 20 years after their meeting in the semi-finals of the 1998 World Cup France and Croatia are playing again for the altimate prize.

In the first half so far the score is France-Croatia 0-0.

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