World Cup & Thailand cave rescue: Try not to shed a tear with these moving cartoons (photos)

Emotional cartoons

Cartoonists often convey the essence of a piece of news in a much more accurate and concise manner than any amount of words could in an article. Over the past days, the whole globe has been gripped by two major events playing out concurrently and in a perverse way associated to each other.

The one is, of course, the World Cup in Russia and the other the efforts by rescue teams from all over the world to dave a football team of young boys trapped in a cave in Thailand.

Cartoonist Chris Roy Taylor drew a cartoon for the Herald Sun depicting a rescue diver emerging from the water in the cave where the boys are trapped. The diver presents them with the World Cup trophy.

The cartoon is captioned “THE WORLD HAS JUST FOUND ITS MOST INSPIRING AND COURAGEOUS FOOTBALL TEAM”, with the creator commenting in his tweet “I know which football team deserves the trophy”. How true he is. Here are a number of other moving and inspiring cartoons that cover the topic.