“You betrayed Macedonia”, old man tells Minister Nikos Pappas over Prespa Agreement (video)

Greek Ministers are facing serious opposition in the north due to the Prespa Agreement

The Minister for Digital Policy, Nikos Pappas came up against strong protests by locals during his visit to Paionia, Kilkis in central Macedonia, over his government’s voting of the Prespa Agreement with FYROM.
“You betrayed Macedonia,” an elderly citizen, a resident of the village of Metamorphosis said, adding he regretted voting for him. “A pity I gave you and my vote”, the old man said, as the Minister was trying to explain his position.

A municipal councilor in the municipality of Paionia went even further by handing the leftist politician a resolution calling those who had voted for the Prespa Agreement “unwanted”.

Citizens who saw him from afar as he strolled in the cafeterias and village houses shouted at him: “Whatever you have to sell, sell it all! There are more to sell further up”

Undeterred by the negative reception, Mr Pappas continued his visit to neighboring Kilkis villages.
Protests against government officials visiting Northern Greece continue unabated.