“You have seen nothing yet, this is only the beginning”: Turkey throws down the gauntlet!

US sends a message to Turkey by supporting Greece

The provocations from Ankara don’t seem to end as officials are making inflammatory statements almost daily against Greece and Europe, spreading fake news regarding the tension on the Greek-Turkish border.

Once again the Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu threatened us by saying that “we have seen nothing yet”, and that “this is only the beginning”.

According to the pro-government Sabah, Soylu repeated the accusations against the Greek authorities for the “inhumane treatment of immigrants” who besieged Europe’s borders for the ninth consecutive day.

“They tried to repel them yesterday, but our security forces prevented them from doing so”, he said, adding the absurd claim that “more than 143.000 asylum seekers had crossed over”.

“And that’s just the beginning. Wait to see what happens next”, said Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Continuing his provocative statements against Greece, the Turkish interior minister said: “Their masks have fallen. The cruelty of those who spoke about humanity became more apparent”.

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs also predicted that Greece would not be able to keep its borders closed to illegal immigrants in the summer when the water level of Evros will fall and it will be easier for people to cross it.

US backs Greece
“Greece has our support in everything it does here, in Evros and in the Aegean to ensure the security of its borders”.

With that phrase, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Palmer sent another clear message to Turkey.

Matthew Palmer, along with US Ambassador to Athens Jeffrey Pyatt, visited Alexandroupolis on Saturday with Transport Minister Costas Karamanlis.

Prior to their tour, both Matthew Palmer and Jeffrey Pyatt made it clear that they stand by the side of Greece and the people of eastern Macedonia, Thrace and Evros, who bear weight of the new migration crisis.