Zinedine Zidane: “I could not deny my return to Real Madrid”

Florentino Peret: Zidane, “the world’s top coach”

Zinedine Zidane, eight months after his departure from the Real Madrid, was officially presented as the new coach of the team once again.

A total of 284 days after he left Real’s bench, he returned with him saying that this was his only desire.

Zidane, however, also to defended his decision to leave the club last summer, while the President of Real Florentino Peret expressed his admiration praising the Frenchman and his dedication to the club.

He actually welcomed him as “the world’s top coach”.

Zidane was asked about the possible return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Madrid, to which he answered:
“That’s not the issue. First of all, we have these remaining games and then we will deal with the new year. Everyone knows what Cristian has offered here, is part of the club’s history, he was one of the top, but it’s not time to talk about him now”.

“The staff that will be assisting me will be the same as my first term … For nine months in Madrid, far from the locker room, I have filled my batteries and I am ready to go back to Real’s bench”.