1.6 million people split up due to Brexit!

According to data analysis by eHarmony

New research claims that 1.6m people ended relationships or stopped seeing someone new due to disagreements over last year’s Brexit vote.

This is according to new research and site data analysis by eHarmony, who wanted to study the impact of politics on romance as the anniversary of Brexit approaches.

Conducted by ICM in March 2017, the dating site found that 3.4% of people said Brexit was a key factor in them deciding to stop seeing someone.

This was even stronger for 18 to 24-year-olds, eHarmony found, with 10% saying they had broken up with someone or decided not to date someone because of their views on the EU vote.

Furthermore, 16% said the referendum put a strain on personal relationships with family, friends or colleagues, while 6% argued with their family about it, and 2% completely cut off a relative.

Beyond just Brexit, opposing political viewpoints led to nearly 2.7m (6%) people ending relationships in the UK last year, including those in the initial stages of dating.

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