10-year-old to open drag club for children! (video)

Boy from New York wants to create safe space for “drag kids”


A 10-year-old boy from New York is opening a drag club for children so they “can express themselves”. Desmond Napoles, who his known by his drag name “Desmond is amazing”, says he wanted to offer children a “safe space to express themselves in a positive, encouraging way”.

Desmond started dressing in his mother’s clothes when he was about six years old, as he says. The Brooklyn boy, an active member in the LGBTQ community, wants his “Haus of Amazing”, as the club will be named to be a place for “drag kids” to find solace and expression.

He became somewhat of a sensation when he appeared in a video of the 2015 gay pride parade dancing in the streets. The video went viral and caused an uproar, as many accused his parents of exploiting their child to promote a particular lifestyle and the homosexual political agenda. He has also appeared in a music video of RuPaul and now wants to inspire other young people to promote anti-bullying.