1st case of coronavirus from China confirmed in US

The patient is an individual in Washington state

Federal health officials have confirmed that a case of coronavirus has been diagnosed in Seattle. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said they will begin screening passengers at two additional U.S. airports: Atlanta and Chicago O’Hare.

The outbreak has spread from the central Chinese city of Wuhan to cities including Beijing and Shanghai, the CDC said on Tuesday. Cases have also been reported outside China, including in South Korea, Thailand and Japan. At least six have died.

The patient in the U.S. is a male in his 30s and is currently in good condition, the CDC said. He arrived in the U.S. around Jan. 15 after visiting Wuhan. Airport screenings did not begin until Jan. 17. The patient, who is a U.S. resident, did not have symptoms when he arrived, but had read about the virus online and when he started to develop symptoms, he immediately reached out to his health care provider.

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