22 Tips for a stress-free house move for your dog

If you love your dog, you need to read this…

We all know that moving house can be a stressful time, it is important to remember that it can be an equally stressful time for our four-legged family members too.

By doing some advanced planning, being organised on the day, and following a few simple steps once you are into your new pad, you can help to minimize any anxiety the move will cause your dog and, hopefully, before long they will be enjoying the comforts of their new home just as much as you are.

On the run-up to the move

Because we often know at least a month or more in advance when the actual move is going to be, it means that there are things that can be done in advance to help minimize any anxiety your dog may start to get with all the hubbub that comes with getting organized for a house move.

1. Consider Advanced Conditioning for Very Nervous Dogs

Often, especially if you have a dog that is already easily stressed, all the packing, additional boxes and removal of familiar items can be extremely unsettling and confusing for your dog.

It may sound odd, but if you start introducing boxes into the house, just one at a time, it can help to desensitize your dog to them before any major disruption starts.  This means that as more boxes are brought in on the run-up to move they will come as less of a shock and be less intimidating.

If your dog is very freaked by the boxes, you could start with just one small one and whenever your dog moves towards it to investigate they get rewarded with a treat.  Every time they move closer, another treat, until eventually, they may even be happy to take a treat from inside the box. You can then start introducing larger boxes and more of them. That way they will, hopefully, gradually, start to have positive rather than fearful reactions or wary reaction.

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