24.2 mln tourist arrivals in Greece in 2014

Foreign tourism to Greece rose from everywhere except Russia

The Bank of Greece says tourist arrivals increased 20.7% in 2014, surpassing 24.2 million people.

Its report on tourism trends said arrivals from EU member states made up 54.6% of total tourists, growing by 25.9% compared to 2013. Arrivals from the euro area rose by 16.6% to 7.399 million people.

Arrivals from other countries made up 36.2% of total tourism to Greece and accounted for 5.851 million travelers. This marked a sharp 40% increase.

German tourists grew by 8.5% in 2014, 27% from France and up 13.2% from the UK. Arrivals from Russia fell by 7.6% to 1.25 mln whereas US travelers grew by 26.9% to 592,000 travelers.