29-year-old virgin expecting baby!

She suffered from a condition that made her reach puberty later in life

Lauren’s baby is due in June, and her journey to motherhood has certainly been distinctive.
For one, the 29-year-old’s decision to have this baby went against the advice of doctors and friends.
Secondly, Lauren is a virgin – and she’s in no rush whatsoever to change this.
A member of a deeply religious Manitoban community in Canada, from an early age Lauren knew she was “different.”
“I was born with hypopituitarism, which means my pituitary gland is not formed properly,” she tells VICE .
“It doesn’t send the right hormonal messages to the other glands in the body, like the adrenaline gland or the ovaries.”
It means not only has she had to take hormone replacements for a long time, but she came to puberty a lot later in life – a fact which was not lost on others.
“I was getting made fun of for being really flat chested, whereas everybody else was getting their boobs and everything at that point.”
It was this that prompted her to go on the medication course, which “really sucked because it forced me to do something I wasn’t necessarily ready for.”
She continues: “I got teased for being flat chested or having buck teeth. Kids would latch on to anything that was different.
“A lot of that teasing has given me social anxiety to this day. My life started improving when I started looking like everyone else.”
Yet despite all the mockery, Lauren is not only happy with being a virgin, but she’s got no plans to become sexually active.

source: mirror.co.uk