5 year old boy quarantined due to Ebola, in New York

United States once more on high alert

A five year old boy is under quarantine and watch in Bellevue hospital, New York, due to Ebola-like symptoms, according to media.

The boy who arrived in the US from Guinea, on Saturday, had a 39C fever, according to ABC network. According to officials from New York Health Services, however, the boy was not tested for Ebola and is not under quarantine.

New York Post newspaper stated that the child was vomiting and was transferred from his Bronx home by qualified personnel.

Health Services are not available to respond to this information, so far.

The governors of new Jersey and New York stated, yesterday, that they insist on the implementation of a quarantine plan for health professionals returning from countries plagued by Ebola, despite pressure from the White House to the contrary. However, they stated that these people can stay quarantined in their houses.

Four people have been diagnosed with Ebola in the US. The first was the Liberian visitor in Texas, who passed. The virus was transferred to two nurses who looked after him, who were able to defeat it. The fourth is a doctor who was diagnosed with Ebola after his return from Guinea. He is in quarantine and though his situation is slightly ameliorated, it remains critical.