60% of Greeks say they feel worse due to Covid-19 lockdown

One in three say their life has remained the same

Greeks say their daily lives have become worse after a year of experiencing the Covid-19 lockdown measures.

A survey conducted by Focus Bari highlights the habits of Greeks that have gradually changed while underlining the aspects related to health and other matters as they have been impacted by the lockdown after a year.

The findings are very interesting and show, among other things, that three out of five Greeks (60%) state that their daily life is worse today than a year ago, while less than one in three (29%) believe that it has not changed, while 11% responded they live a better daily life today than before the pandemic.

The data revealed that men were feeling worse in their everyday life compared to women after the lockdown, while the younger people also feel less satisfied compared to the older generations. People in Athens and Thessaloniki have also been more negatively impacted by the measures in relation to the rural areas of the country.

Regarding the health of Greeks, the survey showed that the vast majority (78%) state that their state of health has not changed compared to a year ago, with a small proportion (14%) stating that their health is today worse than last year, while a smaller proportion (8%) said they had better health than before the onset of the pandemic.

According to the research, the worst daily life and the conditions of the pandemic, have led more than one in three Greeks (36%) to start and/or increase at least one of a series of detrimental habits such as smoking/vaping, alcohol consumption, betting, overdosing on dietary supplements without specialist instructions, etc.

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