60s Rock Star turned Greek priest fights Ebola in Sierra Leone (video)

He once shared the stage with the Rolling Stones in the 1960s!

Former existential atheist and Australian rock star Themi Adams (Adamopoulos) today is a Greek Orthodox priest who has spearheaded the Orthodox Church’s apostolic mission in Ebola-hit Sierra Leone, Africa.

Although Father Themi could flee the country to avoid a possible infection by the virus — like other NGO employees have already done — the Greek-Australian decided to stay and do his duty to his fellow man.

How can any human being claim lasting happiness when he or she knows that, somewhere, millions of people are suffering from horrendous and painful diseases, in addition to the terrible difficulties they struggle with on a daily basis? Fr. Adams comes from a family which had always helped the poor, and now his life has become the ultimate expression of the deep caring that was instilled in him.

The impetus to help others was so strong in him that it led to Fr. Themi leaving his previous rock star lifestyle behind to find real pleasure in helping the poorest of the poor.

Themistocles Adamopoulos – his actual full name – was born in Alexandria, Egypt, but he was raised in Melbourne, Australia. The priest who now lives in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and who started the “Paradise 4 Kids” community, once shared the stage with the Rolling Stones in the 1960s.

But then, as he says below, “Jesus” found him.

Arriving in Australia before his teens, Adamopoulos attended high school in Melbourne. Gifted in academics, he won a scholarship to Melbourne University, where he began a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in 1964.

author Anastasios Papapostolou

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