A dogfight & 20 violations by Turkish armed jet fighters in the Aegean

Business as usual…


Armed Turkish jet fighters in four formations, helicopters and spy airplanes flew over the northeastern, central and southeastern Aegean on Friday, violating the Greek airspace a total of 20 times.

11 out of the 20 violations were carried out by F-16s and F-4s, two by CN-235 ELINT/SIGINT/COMINT/EW airplanes and 10 by helicopters that flew individually in different areas.

Of the 20 Turkish jet fighters, 6 were armed. Apart from the violations of the Greek airspace, there were also 13 violations of the FIR of Athens.

The Turkish aircrafts and helicopters were identified and intercepted according to international standard procedures and established practices. In one case the interception turned into a mock dogfight.