A serious incident in the Greek Parliament! (VIDEO) (UPD2)

“Golden Dawn” MP Kasidiaris and New Dempcracy MP Dendias almost started a fistfight!

The proceedings of the Greek Parliament have been halted after a serious incident that took place between the Golden Dawn MP Kasidiaris and the New Democracy MP Dendias a few minutes ago.

According to the information so far, Kasidiaris was talking and at some point Dendias walked infront of him, at which instance Kasidiaris told him “Don’t walk in front of me. Can’t you see that I am talking?”. Dendias reacted but that is when the information begins to vary, as it is said that Kasidiaris pushed Dendias who apparently reacted accordingly, while the other Golden Dawn MPs threw water on Dendias.

However, the TV feed is not clear as the camera zoomed out making it not clear to see what actually happened.

The acting chairman of the President, Makis Mpalaouras, started yelling “Mr. Kasidiaris you are being expelled!”