AAIA tour allows Australians to get in touch with Greek archeology

Experience the excitement of the Zagora dig!

There are just a few seats left on the 16-day tour organized by the Australian Archeological Institute of Athens. The expedition is designed to highlight the research and fieldwork undertaken by Australian archeologists in Greece from the Sixties at the site of Zagora on Andros.

The trip offers an alternative travel opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about the institute and its work. The tour, led exclusively by Australian archeologist Helen Nicholson and Dr. Archondia Thanos, allows participants to meet with Australians working at the site for almost 30 years and learn details about the research.

The focus on archeology doesn’t mean that there won’t be a chance for a trek along the tourist trail on the Sithonia Peninsula and a visit to the seaside village of Torone. Visitors on the tour will have a chance to also sample the best of local cuisine and visit notable Greek vineyards.

The tour runs from September 19 through to October 3. It kicks off at Sydney. The cost is $7,450 AUS and includes domestic flights in Greece (single supplement at $1,250 (AUS).

Call (02) 9351 4759 (Australia) or e-mail arts.aaia@sydney.edu.au for more details.