Acropolis Museum Director praises Amphipolis discovery

Acropolis Museum Director D. Pantermalis highlighted the international interest drawn by the developments at the Amphipolis excavation site

Acropolis Museum Director Dimitris Pantermalis said that the excavations taking place at the ancient tomb at Amphipolis hold international interest. During an event being held in his honor at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki on Monday, he commented “on the effect the discovery of this monument has had and how much it has aroused the interest of both Greeks and foreigners.”

He avoided second-guessing the person whom the tomb was created for, however he did discuss the modern method of digital technology that is used at the Acropolis Museum. “We try to highlight all the features of the Acropolis Museum using modern methods and through digital technology we try to make the archaic and classical masterpieces more familiar to the people, without sacrificing anything from the uniqueness of the originals,” he said.

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