Aegina boat accident: Accused to present case today

Why did SYRIZA minister Dritsas intervene?

Thrasyvoulos Lykourezos, the 77-year-old captain of the speedboat that killed 4 people in Aegina, one of which was a 5-year-old girl, will present his case before the prosecutor Friday. Lykourezos, who was reportedly at the helm of the speedboat that rammed a tourist boat n Aegina causing the death of 4 people, was arrested Tuesday on charged of negligent manslaughter. As the investigations proceeded more questions arose on the circumstances of the tragic accident, which turned into a political feud between PASOK and Maritime Minister Thodoris Dritsas who intervened in the proceedings with his attendance at the hearing of the accused at court and his statements that the captain was an experienced sailor. Other questions that need answering were: Why did Dritsas announced the other four peoples on the speedboat and not the coast guard? Why did Dritsas make the statements he did regarding the competence of Lykourezos as a captan after the accident? Why did former MP and lawyer, Alexandros Lykourezos stop the legal representation of the 77-year-old accused>