AEK Athens terminate contract of Turkish player over his military salute

Olympiakos had ousted Turkish player Ali Tinkir for the same reason

The handball team of AEK Athens has terminated its contract of Turkish goalkeeper Yunus Ozmusul for performing a military salute after Turkish national handball team won against Belgium last month.

AEK had initially penalised the player with a 3-month contract suspension, but decided to permanently part ways with the 30-year-old international on Sunday following a meeting of the club’s board of directors.

Turkish players had come under intense criticism by international media in every sport after celebrating by saluting in tribute to the Turkish soldiers that had launched a military incursion into northern Syria.

AEK is the second Greek handball team to oust a Turkish player over the same issue, after Olympiakos had ousted Turkish player Ali Tinkir for the same reason.