“After sex on the damp sheets, we passed out”: Moby’s memoir

His second memoir is filled with erotic accounts

You can tell a lot about Moby’s second memoir, the follow-up to his 2016 effort, Porcelain, from its title: Then It Fell Apart. You can tell even more from its preface, about how it came into being: “After finishing the book, rather than go to therapy, I kept writing.”

Then It Fell Apart, charting Moby’s “lost decade”, is a globe-spanning “morality tale” (so the publishers say) with so many dropped names that the index, if it had one, would make the book half as long again. Although it was published earlier in the month, this week it made headlines after Natalie Portman disputed his account of their relationship, and even that they had a relationship at all.

Imagined or not, this is among the happier moments of Moby’s memoir, which is soaked in self-loathing and giddying highs, suicidal lows and pages of self-described degeneracy. And did we mention the celebrities?

Moby is upfront: “All the stories in this book actually happened,” although he has “changed some names and details out of respect for other people”. (Perhaps one of those names was Portman’s?)

It is worth noting that Moby is now 10 years sober and the profits from this memoir are going to an animal-rights charity.

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